Masters I Study

Thanks for signing up for my newsletter and requesting this downloadable audio/video book. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and watching it more than once.  Please read these instructions before downloading your e-book.


There are a few items required to make sure the book downloads and all the videos play properly.  Please review them.

1.  MOBILE DOWNLOADING: Most mobile browsers are not designed for downloading. Please try downloading the file from your laptop or desktop, then syncing the files to your mobile device. 

2.  You need Adobe Reader and Flash Player. They are available for free here:  Adobe Reader. Flash player here: Adobe Flash Player and choose Install for End User and select the Windows or Mac OS download. 

Once these are installed on your computer, you’ll be able to read and play the videos from the e-book.

3.  Click on the Link and allow at least 10 minutes for the file to download.  Once the book has downloaded, open the zip file to find the book’s location on your computer and open it using Acrobat Reader.  This step is a must for the videos to work.

Following these steps will ensure that all videos will play. I have made the videos large enough that you can study the images as the video plays. Please allow time for the videos to load within the document when you click to play them. 

Thanks, Phil Starke

The video below walks you through the download and opening the ZIP file.