A La CartE Video Demos

Updated! All New Videos in HD

The Demos below are available on an individual basis. None of these videos appear in any of my other packages or courses.

To purchase just click the "I Want This" button and you'll be able to order the download. Each video is between 1 hr. and 1 hr. 30 min. Once you have downloaded the video, it's yours to keep.

Remember to allow at least 15 minutes for the video to download. Digital Downloaded videos can be copied to an SDHC card or external hard drive for storage.

Techniques For Trees"

1 hr. - File Size: 1G



Learn how to simplify the shape, the value, and the colors of trees and learn how to use values to enhance your trees and brushwork to achieve the texture of the foliage

"Direct Painting"

1 hr. 26 min - File Size: 2G



Direct painting is more one brush stroke at a time, each brush stroke is a finished brushstroke. That doesn't mean you can't go back and correct things, but you scrape off a brush stroke that's wrong and go back and redo it. This helps you make definite decisions about color, value, and it also helps you simplify.

"Seeing The Photo As A Painting"

1 hr. 23 min - File Size: 1.5G



Photographs are a place to start, not something to copy.  We want to think in terms of  how to use the colors on our palette to suggest the light, atmosphere, and the distance that we're seeing.

"Simplifying Flowers And Shrubbery"

1 hr. 15 min - File Size: 1.5G



Phil Starke teaches how to take something complicated, like shrubbery and flowers, and mass it together, looking for the shadow pattern and shapes of the composition to help you work through this type of painting.

"The Importance of Broken Color"

1 hr. 22 min - File Size: 2G



How you handle detail can kill a painting or enhance it.  Broken color allows you to add detail without a value change, allowing you to create the impression of detail without creating a “busy” painting that doesn't work out.

"Composing With Two References"

1 hr. 20 min - File Size: 2G



Often we have photos that, alone, don't work as a composition.  This video covers how to overcome the problems of value and color changes you may encounter.  Learn how to combine two photo references to come up with one composition.